Saturday, March 29, 2008

School School, almost done!

So, I'm graduating from University this year....April 25th at 5pm is the exact date and time that I will be done (not including the graduation ceremonies, but there's no studying or "school work" for that lol). It's exciting, but scary! I will b a lot of hard work for a jumble of words, isn't it funny how that all works out? hehe

As my next plan of action, I applied to college for really, I'm not done school...As of now, I'm accepted to Cambrian college in Sudbury; and I'm wait listed for my first choice of school: Fanshawe College in London. Fingers crossed that I get to stay in London, but if not - then I'm packing it up to the big Nickle (where my parents live, and will probably provide food and delicious home cooked meals on weekends when I visit them).

It'll be another three years, but only 1.5 of those years will be "in-class"; the rest, I'll be in the clinics playing with the technology....not playing, learning. But I hope I enjoy it so much that it doesn't seem like you are all scared to get x-rays for fear that I'll be the one doing them in 3 years lol. The Con: I'm away from my boy....sigh....just gotta cross fingers I get into London.

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Congrats on graduating! I found you while I was lurking around in Etsy. I love, love your artwork.

You have a great blog, also.