Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I've recently received a lot of packages in the mail, which I have failed to share with all of you!!! So this is my Show-and-Tell post :D.

First off, yesterday, I received my soap order from GudonyaToo. I've ordered from this Etsy seller before, and loved her stuff! This time I got their "Apples and Oranges" and "Mocha Razz Latte Scrubby" bars of soap. Not only did they get shipped so fast, but they are huge bars! I tried the mocha razz latte bar in the shower last night, and it was amazing!!! I have really dry skin, and I am always in need of a good, deep scrub - well, the coffee grounds in this bar scrub like you wouldn't believe! I can't wait to try the Apple and Oranges bar, but I'm in the dilemma where I just want to keep using the scrubby bar over and over and over again. I'll definitly order from GudonyaToo again, but I think I want to try their deodorants and body wash.

Next are my orders from Charliemotel. I bought her stationary set, Tea makes everything better - because honestly, it does! I also purchased a magnet set, which she had done in collaboration with heyprettycupcake. The stationary set was so beautifully packaged, and was shipped so quickly, considering it was coming out of the UK to Canada! The paper that she uses for this product is very lovely too! The writing paper had a nice texture too it, and it's fairly thick, so I can use it as a card if I wanted to. The envelopes were of a lovely brown material. It just had a very rustic feel to it because of the colours and textures. The magnet set that I got was just too cute! I love them so much. They included the pieces: I like you, Notice me, and Make a wish. Wonderful quality all round!

I've also gotten a lovely candle from ajscountrycottage a while back in the mail. I was scared of ordering something that would scent my room through the mail, not really knowing how it would really be. I ordered Citrus Lily Soy Candle - and it was a lovely scent. It burns forever too! I still have about half a candle left, and I burn on a regular basis. I got into the soy candle crazy when my friend, Bree, bought me one for Christmas. They burn longer then normal candles, but it was mostly the fact that they're safer that I really like, since I have a kitty and we all know cats like to get into the exact things that you don't want them touching!


shannon said...

I want the soap so much.

Athena's Armoury said...

You made everything sound so wonderful - especially those soaps!

brooklynbee said...

Me want soap!!