Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Etsy Love: prettyditty

Today I'm featuring the lovely aprons of Prettyditty from Etsy, also known as Jamie. Her wonderful aprons caught my eye while I was randomly browsing through the clothing category. Using great color and pattern combination, prettyditty's aprons are truly one of a kind and a must have for the chef / pastry-guru in your life. Or why not get one for yourself?

Prettyditty's aprons have a flattering fit, with a gorgeous design. I love that she gave enough fabric to tie in the front or back, and the thick strip creates an adorable bow. Her blog can be found at:


Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you for featuring my aprons. That is to kind of you.

I think your art is so vibrant with an organic beauty. I love your color choices.

Your blog is pretty too =)

Thanks again!

Amanda said...

Oh no! Yesterday I was thinking about 2 things: that I shouldn't be spending much more money before my birthday (less than a month!! :D ) .. and that I could probably use a cute apron to get make my time in the kitchen more enjoyable! Maybe as a reward for accomplishing my goal of keeping clean.. but I think I need to wait a bit more to make sure I actually have reached my goal. :P

Stockton said...

oh, those are exactly what I need, full coverage! (I ruin more clothes while cooking ... ^_^).