Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rain Clouds

I finished this painting up last week and it's now posted in my artbyangie Etsy store!

I didn't think I was going to paint rain coming in over a meadow...it just kind of happened that way. My original plan was to create a clover field. But, as glazes and layers built up - it turned into something different all on it's own.

It was until it was almost done did I realize that it wasn't quite what I had planned for it to be - but that's ok! I think it's even better that it formed what it is all by itself; it gives it some sort of inner meaning that it was just meant to be. It reminds me of living at my parents place, in the country, when you could watch the rain coming in - it's a beautiful thing to watch, even if it's just simple nature. Unfortunatly, with all the city buildings, you can't watch the rain so much.

Well, enough of my rambling.

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

First, I just linked your blog. I own one of your ACEOs and truly admire your work. Now, onto the rain. I spent most of my life living on the East Coast in NYC where rain was a frequent occurrence and a nuisance even. Now that I am living in AZ is when I revel in the beauty and wonder of rain; from cloud formations, and skylines to the way it rests perfectly on blossoms and leaves. Rain is pretty good stuff! :)