Monday, July 7, 2008

Etsy Love: StarBear

I came across StarBear through his DeviantArt profile - proof that it pays to post your work anywhere you can! Any ways, this lovely artist - also known better as Ciaran, has beautiful artwork!

His children's pieces are simply adorable with so much love and thought put into each piece. His more abstracted pieces are bright, colorful and very well composed.

StarBear sells her originals in his store, so in order to see his entire beautiful portfolio you should visit his DeviantArt webpage, where a vast amount of his artworks are displayed.

For those who don't know what DeviantArt is, it's a community where artist's post, share and encourage each other's artworks. Commenting is allowed, giving artist's the opportunity to be critiqued, offer critiques and grow as an artist. I especially love this site, since not being an art student I've missed out on the advice that helps shape and improve an artist. This site provides this - it is a great site to check out, sign up and give a shot! My deviant profile is:

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tanyBUG said...

love deviant art! good find!