Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art Fire Grand Opening Sale!

Well, I have now added all my products to Art Fire, in addition to my store on Etsy (sale is only on Artfire, sorry gals and guys). And so, I thought I would start with a Grand Opening Sale to jump start everything - and come on, who doesn't like a sale? Come visit my store, here!

So everything is 25% off, and the prices have already been adjusted in shop - so taking advantage of this sale is easy peasy :)


Liesan said...

People can now check out without signing up at artfire so no one should be left out of the sale :) I just ordered a set of fruit-tree cards on etsy (a day early :P ) If I like the apple tree as much in real life as I think I do I'll be back for a print ;)

Art Fire said...

Stopping by your lovely blog to say WELCOME to ArtFire. Thank you for adding your creative voice to the community. Oh . . . and The rapid cart looks great on your blog.

Tony Ford