Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Lightbulb in the Corner

There's something about sculpture that's just so appealing to me. I want is so much, but then at the same time, I wouldn't know where to put it. It's a double edged-knife with me. Maybe one day, I'll find perfect little spots for some wonderful sculpture - but that isn't happening in the lifetime of student housing.

Aura, a glass and concrete sculpture by scenicartisans, is wonderful. I love the uniqueness to the piece, and the contrasts of translucent and opaque, and rough and smooth, warm and cool colours. I also find it very intriguing, just looking at it, and trying to 'figure it out'. Every piece of art has a meaning behind it, whether the artist intended it or not. <- That's a concept I hold fairly strongly too. Just in my own experience of creating - having a set-in-stone plan, and then having it change as I progress through the piece; to have a piece that never meant what I originally had wanted it to, but definitely still meant something.

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