Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cat's Meow!

Andy Warhol is the cat's meow, in my mind at least right now!

I love his work, and I was recently inspired by his cat series, one of which a print hangs in my bedroom:

And I know, the sketch a day idea has been lacking. So, to make up for it, I have two paintings that I was inspired by him to do, using two basic colours with large blocks of colour, and black ink outlining. It's hard to try and break everything down to basics, and pick colours accordingly, but I tried my best. Of course, they're not as messily strategically done - but they're pretty cute :)

Sweetheart - Watercolour and ink on watercolor paper.
This piece is based on a photo of my lovely baby, Oreo. Sweetheart, named accordingly because he's such a suck of a dear :)
Whiskers & Fishes - Watercolour and ink on watercolor paper
This painting came to mind when I was painting of the first, "Whiskers & Fishes" just came to find, and my first correlation with it was 'Hugs & Kisses' - which is of course ironic, because we all know those fishes aren't getting loving kisses once the cat gets to them.

These pieces will be place up for sale in awhile. I want to try and search for some awesome vintage frames to suit their later inspired period; I'm not sure yet if they'll be in my Jellybeans or Artbyangie Etsy stores yet either. I think they'll fit the later, but they're nice and simple like the pieces in the first. So many decisions!


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