Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketch 3

Still not at a sketch a day...but at least I'm at a sketch a once in a while...I saw a blog post tonight by another blogger, Mary - and sketching is so important. Especially for me, because I want to practice gaining some skills in realism - or something close to that. Personal development as an artist, I believe, is very important. Especially when you are teaching yourself.

I came across a beautiful, juicy raspberry picture. I decided that I would draw that. I didn't finish it - I know you can see that. I wanted to focus more on the leaves. And I'm posting it, unfinished, because I know that I will probably never go back to it and finish it. That's the joy about sketches - they don't' have to be finished or complete. Sketches are happy sometimes just sitting in limbo.

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