Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes less is more...

I never had my ears pierced as a child. I actually didn't get them done until I was 19! By then, my belly button was already pierced - what a strange order, yes I know. The ear piercings are still in of course, but the naval has been removed (my body just did not like it, and it never properly healed). Honestly, I think getting the ears done were way worse than the naval, but that's just my opinion hehe.

When I first got my ears done I loved huge earrings. Now, I like the little, subtle ones. I feel that by having less on my ears I'm having more - and it gives me freedom to wear other jewelry without the feeling that I'm over doing it. Mind you, I don't really wear other jewelry...but if I were to, then I'd be set hehe.

Well, I came across these lovely heart studs made of 14k gold by kateszabone on Etsy. They are the perfect type of earrings for me! Not dangly, heavy, extravagant or anything. Simply elegant. Simply perfect. They have been added to my list of rainy day purchases :)


Piggy said...

Cute earrings! I love studs too :)

Amanda said...

Hey! I went through the same phases! Although I've had my ears pierces since grade 3, I never wore earrings all that much until uni. Then I wore dangly ones all the time. Now I've started stocking up on studs, for the same reasons - they're more subtle (especially when my hair is tied back) and I can wear other jewelry with them!