Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Friendly Visitor

We had another bear visit in my apartment's parking lot the other day:

This bear was smaller then the last, and lucky the day was nice and still bright enough to get way better photos of it. I was quite entertained by this visitor.

Unlike the last bear, this one was not well seasoned in the getting in and getting out of the garbage bin routine. It had a hard time balancing and trying to figure out it's footing, often getting a foot stuck here or there, and tumbling to the out or inside.

I know bear's are a serious issue, especially in urban settings where people can get hurt - but I couldn't help loving this entertaining little friend (I was also three floors up and way out of it's reach lol)


Nothinglikeit said...

He DOES look a little clumsy! I hope he found something in there worth all that effort!

Great pictures!


The Artist Behind A.N. Original Jewelry said...

I love the idea of meeting a bear in my dumpster, but hate the reality of it hahaha. I live in Upstate NY and while bears are rare, they still pop up from time to time and I am always paranoid that one will appear when I'm taking my mini-Dachshund out at night before bed...Yikes! Poor Mel doesnt wanna be a bear snack!

Hilary Denise said...

I would probably freak out if I found a bear on my dumpster, but those are some cute photos!


I think I would have to love him too, excellent pics :0)