Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How could I resist?

I got my hair cut a few days ago - and I got them to cut bangs! Now, understand, I haven't had true bangs since I was a wee little one. That being said, I'm not used to them yet - but I'm still quite excited about them.


The Artist Behind A.N. Original Jewelry said...

Very cute! I've had a temptation recently to chop off my hair for summer but havent followed through yet! You look great with bangs!

Amanda said...

Nice! - you need to give us a badass pose to go with them though. really rock it out. :P

(can you tell canada's next top model is on tonight?)

(and yeah, i think it was that same summer... *snicker*)

BeesAndTrees said...

I like bangs in general, and yours look especially great! I'm giving them my full support.


Calantha said...

When I got my bangs cut for the first time (oh... 9 years ago now), it was sheer heaven. I haven't been able to live without them since. Yours look great!