Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Stationery is Back!

My stationery line was pulled last week since I had decided to update and refresh the look of it. I have completely revised my line: new papers, new envelopes, new sets and new packaging!

It will be awhile until all my new sets are added - I'm thinking that it will be a month long process (especially with my vacation coming up); but I am super excited about it. I think the 'updates' on my line are perfect for it and that it is so much better now! The again, it's my line, so I may be biased heh.

So first, for the paper. It's a deliciously thick 140 lb watercolor paper, with the most beautiful texture ever! It's made from 100% cotton rag. So pretty, and the printers print on it so well - even if they have a hard time taking the paper:

We had to set the printer to label, and give it a little push each time, but no jamming so we're safe!

The envelopes are now all going to be 100% recycled kraft envelopes. The contrast the paper wonderfully, and tend to give the whole set a natural feel.

The sets will be in 3's and 6's once all loaded up - as well as single cards where applicable. The sets of 6 will be in clear boxes, and all sets will have paper inserts to 'brand' them, and give them a more uniform and professional feel. Add a cute gift tag tied on - and they make the perfect gift!

So far, I have a Thank You Card Mixed Set and Five Little Christmas Trees Set available, in sets of three. You can also see more images in my Flickr.

I can't wait to add the rest throughout this month! :o)


Robin Hartman said...

Beautiful stationary! Love getting art that I can send to people through the mail.

clearlytangled said...

oh they look SO nice!!!