Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Storm and some delilahs

Lots of new work this week again! First it was the calendar yesterday (which got an excellent response, I was so excited to finally share it with everyone!), and now some paintings today (and more yet this coming week). I want to get all these online before my 'vacation' (Starts July 30th....Eeee)...9 days and counting!

First is this miniature painting - Storm II. It's almost ACEO size, just a tinge bigger. The fields are highly textured with a 'cracked' pattern, and there's a little bit of texture in the left white clouds from the paint as well. I love painting these little guys. Best yet - the art easel is included! This cutie can go right from the mail package onto your desk!

Next is a very colorful watercolor painting, Delilah. It started off a little doodle, and then once I realized a color scheme, I had to paint it! It seems like these white outlines keep on coming back ever since my River Rocks painting - I have a love-hate relationship with them I think hehe. This painting doesn't really have an 'orientation' - that is, it can be put whichever way you want!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! The colors look like they jump every time I look at it! Keep up the outlines I think they really bring life to the canvas!