Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peeps in real life:

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? A yellow fluff ball - they are really really soft when you pick them up. My parents had just gotten some day old chicks the last time I went home to visit, about 30 of them - the chick in this picture is about a day and a half old. So, so so cute!

Despite their young age, they are quite personable and entertaining to watch. They such curious, 'pecky' animals. I was slightly horrified the first time I went to see them - they were sleeping, and a few of them looked so limp and dead...I took them for goners. My mom laughed and said that's just how they sleep...and sure enough, like they knew we were talking about them, they jumped up and started pecking away again.

Unfortunately, they're not so cute anymore. I've been informed, that in about a week that have lots of feathers already growing in...and have turned towards the less-cute, adolescent term of life. Lol.


Calantha said...

Oh my! I have been talking about getting baby chicks for awhile now (I desire for the future... not right now) and these pictures make me want them so bad! They are so cute!

Amanda said...

So cute! :) I remember when dad got some a couple years in a row. they did look dead when asleep. and yeah, doesn't take long for them to get ugly - their legs & necks get long before their bodies catch up ... and only a few feathers come in at a time, so they're patchy for a while. heehee

then they're just funny looking chicken. *bawk bawk*

John had them trained to crouch down with their wings spread (for scratched under them) when he'd pet them. they'd only do it for John. :D