Friday, August 20, 2010

Laptop Sleeve Shopping

I acquired a new laptop last week - those who follow me on Twitter must know that I am quite excited to no longer be held into one place with my desk top computer. I am loving the new freedom to work where ever I like. But when I purchased my laptop, I did not get anything to put it in - I was still pondering whether I wanted a bag or a sleeve. Well, I have decided on a sleeve and after visiting the stores and seeing what there was to offer, I was not impressed at all. So I've decided to get my sleeve on Etsy!

Starting at the top, from left to right, stores are: moboogie, cushcase, MirkaDesign, andbertiescloset
Starting at the top, from left to right, stores are: ChicBoutique, ShibaNgDesigns, brokesly and fantella.

There are little parts from each one that I like. For example, the idea of having ribbons for closing the sleeve shut is something that I would seriously consider, it's just so pretty and feminine. I am also interested in a small pocket for my power cord as well, but most of these sellers offer custom orders, so that wouldn't be a problem I don't think. It's all just a matter of deciding... any comments and suggestions are welcome, since choosing is hard for me lol

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Kelly Dee said...

I like #1 and #4 and # 7 the best. I like the idea of the zipper in #7 also.