Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recipe Box: Thai Mango Salad

The other night I was browsing a Thai take-out menu and decided that I wanted their mango salad. But I had never ordered from the restaurant before, so I wasn't quite sure about (I would rather eat in somewhere before I order out) I decided to prowl the internet for a similar recipe!

This salad is just simply delicious and so fresh tasting - not to mention ridiculously easy! Now, this isn't my recipe, I got it from, here. I won't re-post it, since I don't want to compromise any copyright laws or anything.

I only changed one part of the recipe. It called for a fresh hot chili, and I wasn't able to find one. So, instead I got Sweet Chili Sauce, by 'A taste of Thai', and then just omitted the sugar. I'm not really a fan of super hot anyways, and I think it was the perfect substitution.

Also, for the oils that you need, I almost omitted the sesame oil - since I didn't have to, and would have to buy a whole bottle. But it's flavour was very prominent, and so it's a very important ingredient. On the other hand, I think you would be save omitting the sesame seeds. I included them, but it was more of a 'look-good' aspect than a taste one I found.


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Bankie said...

I think your salad looks better than Jamie Olivers lol! Looks delicious though! I will definately have to try this one day : )