Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Small Wall Calendar

I just listed my small 2011 wall calendar on Etsy! I wasn't so blessed with a lovely day to take pictures as I was for the desk calendar.

Moving on, this year's calendar is on a lovely ribbon (cream coloured can still be requested). But at the 'ribbon store', I felt that this one gave the perfect finishing touch.

It features all the same months as my desk calendar, it's just arranged in a different format. It's perfect for small work spaces and such. It's perfectly sized to hang on a pin-board alongside all your notes and such; it will most definitely make the 'bill section' of the peg-board much more lovely.

You can see more of the calendar at my listing, here.

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Remaking Memories said...

New follower - your photos look great! Love the green background!