Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Children's Books

...I'm not sure if it's just the urge to procrastinate itching through my viens, but I really want to illustrate a children's book. The only problem: I have no story.

I just think that the process of illustrating a book would allow me to develop my painting skills better and provide an ultimate challenge. Although it would be sincerely time consuming. Committement to finish such a project would be my largest challenge of course - I have many 'little projects' which are yet to be completed, and some which never do.

I thought that I might share some of my incomplete pieces that you have not seen, and some older ones of the illustration sort. Some are almost 10 years old, but are definitely part of my learning process. A lot of them I created with the intent of learning how to use a new medium - for example: using ink with my watercolor work, or playing around with masking medium.

I'm also in a phase of exploring new styles (see my Angieinoil blog for a experimental piece that I'm working on in oil). I have been looking online at different artists, just exploring different types and forms of art.

I think it is important to look back sometimes, to see how one is growing as an artist. And I find it fun to dig through old things :)

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yeevon said...

Those are very nice records of your journey becoming an artist or discovering your own style :D Each of them has some fascinating story about you *even they might not finished yet, hehe*

Maybe you can try to record down your imagination like little poems then compile them into story book?

p/s: I'm using pen stroke in my bunny illustration XD hehe~