Friday, January 14, 2011

My Sketchbook

My sketchbook most definitely does not get the love that it deserves. Simple put: it is lonely and probably in some sort of life-ending agony over a broken heart. Sometimes it sits and sits without a single mark in it - and my sketching skills dwindle more and more with that.

Sketchbooks have been 'popular' so to speak lately (I know, they're always popular...I just mean lots of people have been blogging about it this week). My friend at Ulixis is just about to post her pages from the Sketchbook Project. As well, Indiefixx wrote about an online sketchbook-course - which appears to emphasis, that working in a sketchbook doesn't mean that you only have to work in muted pencil shades: you can have as much colour and creativity as you please!

Lately, I've only been using my sketchbook to plan more complicated paintings (some paintings I just go with the flow and see where I end up - about a 25% failure rate to that technique, but still definitely lots of fun). I haven't really been using it to explore, and experiment. I have a really nice one too (and a not so nice one for really quick-ugly sketches). My really nice one has thicker textured paper so that it will take to paint better - perfect for a watercolor artist like myself, if only I would use it.

So I thought, that maybe I would create my own sort of sketchbook challenge. Once a day is way to much for someone like me, whose mind wanders enough to forget about the simplest things (I can't even post once a day on my blog lol). But maybe I'll try once a week? We will have to see how it goes. I cannot promise anything. And this post cannot count as my first one, since that sketch above was done ages ago - I just wanted a picture lol. And it probably won't start this week, since I have my provincial exam that's days away and I'm completely engaged in study (yes, totally engaged and totally on my computer dabbling away and not with my books - opps). Soon - that's when I will try to attempt this - soon. :)

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