Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up!

It's been a pretty grueling week.

1. I wrote my CAMRT National Certification exam. Pending that I pass, I am officially done school. Within 4 weeks I will get my results back, and will hopefully be able to add MRT(R)- medical radiation technologist - to the end of my name.

2. When my results arrive, I won't be around to receive them just yet. I will be in the Dominican for their scheduled arrival date. After my exam this week, I started making my 'trip to do' lists. And have started to get back into my workout routine to get beach ready.

3. Major clean of the upstairs and main floor. All that's left is basement floor - ie. my studio lol - which doesn't have any windows, and hence no natural light - my studio / working photos aren't so nice any more :(

4. I've been painting like a maniac this week. All the ideas that I've been having and recording while studying are finally allowed to come out.

5. Nothing. That's right - with no exam, and major early week issues out of the way, my mind is finally at a relaxed state of zen.

Although this week was pretty packed, busier weeks are ahead of me while I apply to jobs and go through the interview process.

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Sarah Knight said...

It's always good to be finished 'doing things' - isn't it? It's a nice sense of accomplishment.

I have to empty my desktop of about fifty folders of graphics so I can move forward with my next project... oh, the time consuming process of burning cds. But everything must keep moving forward.
; )