Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watercolour Wednesday: Fiction Project Inspiration

Stargazing - 4x6" watercolour

I have been working with ideas for my contribution to The Fiction Project. I guess that I am just too anxious to wait for my book to arrive for me to start. After thinking about ideas, I realized that I had to use a cow for my main character - having grown up on a dairy farm and working with them for most of my childhood. My character will be a calf (baby cow), so it will have to loose the udder from this rendition, but that's okay.

I have already sketched out main ideas, and very simplified page layouts. According to my 'research' on the sketchbook type that I will be receiving, it will be 80 pages long. I'm taking the 'children's book' approach - so that is way to long for that. But that's okay! I will have the main story, and then after will be mini snippets, poems and such.

I'm still not telling what topic I choose...but I'm sure most are able to narrow it down. ;)


Amanda said...

nice! i cant wait to see your book come together! i really want to participate too, but i don't think i will this time. writing & illustrating a story seems like it'll take a bit more time than i have!

if it's the same sketchbook as i had for the project, the pages will be very thin. so if you're planning on using watercolour, you may not want to use both sides of each page.

blissful chick said...

wow you are incredibly well organized.... i got my fiction project book last week and i've prepared, mentally, maybe the name of the protagonist.

that's it :)

i plan to begin in earnest in february. i want to clear my decks first this week...