Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watercolour Wednesday: Midnight Thrush

Midnight Thrush - 6.5 x 8" watercolor (on larger paper)

A little bird exploring a starlit evening.

I've been trying to work with painted backgrounds in watercolour. Here I was going for a more 'artistic' edge, to give the painting more style.

Original is for sale on Etsy.


Amanda said...

nice job!

inspired by gennine? i remember one of her pieces on a similar blue starry background.. & of course her birds. :)

Amanda said...

geninne rather - i always forget where the extra n goes. :P

Victoria said...

Love this painting! I love the edges too - it makes it look like a thought cloud, or a dream. And I love the little glint in the thrush's eye. Wonderful work!

Angie said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! :)

Amanda - I love Geninne's birds :) But I don't know if I had seen that one. I loved how the blue looked on my cow painting on a later post, and then wanted to play with the edges a bit more with a 'painters' stroke' effect. The stars from the cow painting didn't really go with this piece lol.

lovemaki said...

this is great!
i love chickadees. i have my own unfinished painting of it above my bed:)