Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 2: Painted Glass Ornaments


This is another simple, quick project. Although I am not making any of these this year (sadly, I must limit what I choose to make based on time-restrictions and the ever-looming Christmas budget…not to mention, craft supplies are scarce where I live LOL). But, since they are such a great idea, I still wanted to share with everyone. If your children are old enough to be careful with paint (as I'm not sure if it will wash out of clothes), then they would be able to make their own ornaments

What you need: clear glass ornaments, paint designed for glass - preferably translucent, brush – or acrylic works as well (bottled craft-acrylic, not tubed, especially if you’re pouring it inside of the ornament and swishing it around.

Instructions: these are simple: paint the glass glass (either on the inside, or the outside), let dry, hang and enjoy!

Here are some tutorials that I have found on the internet for these easy ornaments:

Buggie and Jellybean: Paint Ornament Tutorial

Kaboose: Festive Polka Dot Ornaments

and the cutest for last: Painted Snowmen and Penguin Ornaments

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