Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Class: Inspiration–David Blackwood

David Blackwood is a Canadian artist who has recently exhibited at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). I was sad to realize only after he was gone that he had the exhibit. Nonetheless, if he had never exhibited, I would have never found his artwork.

He is a printmaker (etchings) and a painter – I am particularly a fan of his etchings. My favourite is the one above, of the whale called: Fire Down on the Labrador.

…I love this whole series of the iceberg, whale and sail ship images. Here is my inspirationally created image:


‘Old Norse Iceberg’ - watercolor on 140lb watercolour paper


The term ‘narwhale’ comes from an old norse word: nár – so I felt an appropriate title. Show me your David Blackwood inspired images!

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The Belly Dancer said...

I loved the David Blackwood paintings and yours is really beautiful too!