Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Art Class: Easy Magazine Image Transfers

Today, we’re going to learn about easy acrylic image transfers. Perfect for your mixed media projects.

When you apply images using this technique, the resultant image is transparent and reversed. So, unless you want you text backwards, you typically will only use this technique for images. Now you may ask: why not just collage the image on? Well, this gives the image a different look, and if you have images / layers underneath – then they will peak through. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself!

This technique also works for laser print images / photocopies. You want to be careful with inkjet images as the water / gel medium will make them blur / run sometimes.



  • Acrylic Gel Medium
  • Canvas (or support of your choice)
  • Brush – to apply the acrylic gel medium
  • Magazine image

1. Apply the gel medium in a very even layer onto your canvas support. Do not apply it too thick, but not so thin that the image does not adhere.


2. Apply your image. Make sure that all portions of the image are making contact with the gel medium. Anything that does not make contact with it will be removed later: you can use this to your advantage if you’re going for a ‘grunge’ appearance. Now let dry very thoroughly. I recommend leaving it over night.


3. Now it’s time to remove the paper: apply a damp cloth to it until the image is soaked through. Do not drench the image: the water softens the gel medium too and you don’t want that to loosen.

4. Rub gently with your fingers to remove the paper. Be careful not to rub so hard that the actual image gets removed.


5. Now that your image is visible, you can continue with your artwork!


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