Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*Pook Pook*

I got a new roommate today, and a step-brother for Oreo…who is a little jealous

It took me a long time in the store to choose this little guy, but I finally decided on him. He was not as vibrant or colourful as the other fish, but he has this cute little black freckles on his top fin – which I thought was pretty unique, since none of the others did.

I’m also finding that he sort of changes colours: sometimes his body will be a pale orange/pink colour, and then other times it will be quite a few shades darker. And he has a nice lilac shimmer on the top of his body. His fins sometimes look grey, sometimes lilac, sometimes almost blue. Ha…right now his body is actually looking red…

I still haven't thought of a name yet for him….I wanted him around a little bit before I choose something. I want to see if he has any antics yet. I will let you know once it’s named.

This isn’t my first time owning a fish either – years ago I owned a Betta fish, like this one here – his name was Martini. He lived for over three years – which, considering that I moved around a lot and thus he was moved around a lot was pretty good. He has always lived in one of those ‘Betta-kits’ though, and it’s not very nice looking. The plastic starts to get gross, and it’s really not a large space.

This guy has a nice bowl, and it’s glass so it will be a breeze to clean. He has a plant in there right now. I was looking for a ceramic item that he can hide / swim in and around but I haven’t found it yet – so a plant it is for now. He’s been pretty active, so I think he likes his new home.


Piggy said...

Gorgeous! Love those colors of his fins. Pretty. I am sure Oreo will miss your attention for awhile :) I am sure the little guy will grow on him.

- Alice

Hannah said...

Hello Angela, I have only just come across your blog - I was in a boutique gift shop in London last week and found a stunning set of notecards by you - so googled you, and found your blog! I shared a link on my blog to yours, having been inspired by your work - I hope that was ok : )