Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Creative Space

I’m on a bit of a mini-vacation this week, starting yesterday. So, last night I was up late dabbling and painting. I crawling into bed without straightening up, and this was my desk / creative space in the morning:

I had a whole table of watercolours, complete and in the works drying:

I also have a table full of family tree commissions – but since I know a lot of them are gifts, I don’t want to post them and ruin the surprises. I

Everything is cleaned up now:

I also got a little creative with my hair yesterday…

It’s a lot more blonde then before, probably the most blonde I’ve even been. Now, it’s not done – my hair is a work in progress (unfortunately). There is supposed to be a bright purple in there too…and well, as you can easily notice – there isn’t. I didn’t chicken out: the colour wouldn’t take *frowns*. She bleached out the blonde, and then applied some purple, and it just completely washed out – there’s not even a tint.

She’s going to try today…and I have my fingers crossed that it takes since I really wanted that splash of colour. If it doesn’t, then I’m just going to have to manic panic it I think. It won’t last as long, but at least it will be there.

Oh, and one last update: pooky has a name! Say ‘Hi’ to Charlie:

He’s still pretty shy. He has a castle now that he likes to hide in. I hope he becomes friendlier, but he does still keep my company when I’m working.

You can see more wonderful creative spaces, here.


Halina said...

Aw! Those tress look flawless, and it looks like so much fun to paint them. (And you hair turned out cool- I've always wanted to do some stripes like that to my own) Are you an artist by profession?

Amanda said...

can't wait to see the purple!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

your space is looking busy! and i like your hair even without the splashes of purple. good luck getting it to work.
happy mini break too :)