Monday, January 19, 2009

A girl can dream...

As I promised in my last post...I 'window-shopped' on Etsy, and found things that I think would go well with my room; but mostly with my new linens :)

First is this lovely silhouette drawing, by finalidesign. I think a duo would be lovely, in nice wood grain frames. A little girl (like this one) and a little boy.

Of course, these silhouettes are better when they have meaning, so they would have to be from real pictures. Another interesting idea, would be to have a kitty and a puppy silhouette; those would look stunning too!

I am a all time fan of Andrew Daniels work. I knew I would find something that would something that would fit my room nicely, and alas, I did! This Fire Flower print has the lovely blues that are also on my linens, but with a nice splash of colour.

They would also match my old linens, if ever I wanted to switch them up again. I'm counting my pennies towards a piece of his work! My biggest problem is deciding which one...

The vintage-ness of esoule is just too much to pass up!

This vintage look, 2 Lambs print is simply adorable. Esoule also creates photoboxes - with this on a photobox, it would sit perfectly on my nightstand.

I love sculpture. My problem is, that I can never choose. And I can never find the perfect place for it - and sculpture deserves a perfect place.

This abstracted piece by AliBArt, called Pure is beautiful :)

I had to include this little stature as well, Skinny Cat 3, by justme4112.

It looks so much like my baby, Oreo. Except that Oreo is a little rounder. I would look lovely on my dresser.

This pillow by joom, Red Hummingbird with Eucalyptus, is a nice little burst of colour for my room; the little kick that keeps it bright and cheery, without being too overwhelming. It also goes well with the artwork.

The square size is perfect, and I don't think I could ask for a better deep red without starting to go into burgundy.

Now...if only I could buy them all; then my room would be complete :)

2 comments: said...

kitty and puppy silhouettes would look amazing!

Crysto said...

such beautiful items.. looove the pillow.