Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sketch 1

I've decided that I'm going to try and do a sketch a day. I might not be able to post them all right away, but they will be posted. This idea purely sprung from procrastination from studying, but all artists need to practice their skills, and drawing is not necessarily my strongest point. So it can only help me. :)

This drawing is from a card that my friend, Anita, sent me :) It said on the card, "The key to any successful disguise is to blend into your surroundings", and then the inside said, "I wish your surroundings were closer to my surroundings". We went to university together, but now we're not even in the same country anymore :( This card lives on my monitor (I have an old school one hehe). And so, I thought that it would make the perfect first drawing :)

And thus, I claim really no creative procession to this 'idea' / piece. But part of learning art is coping - old masters would copy to get feels of technique and ideas. So it's not wrong, especially since I'm not claiming it as my own.
But, I'm not going to start 'copying' works of other artists...only the big ones - who mostly are dead - or from pictures that I randomly find. If you see anything you don't like, please let me know :)

The nose is a little wonky - I was never good at them anyways lol. And the cute little boy on the card looks a lot cuter and younger than he does here. Oh well. It's only sketch no. 1. It can only go up from here :)


Piggy said...

That's a very cute drawing! Reminds me of the music video no rain by blind melon :)

Amanda said...

Great sketch ~ and idea. I always try to write or doodle something each day.

Oh yeah.. you've been tagged. Sorry. :P Rules are here:

paintedskywoman said...

If you go to the museums in Europe you will see tons of people sketching the work great master's of Europe. The only way you can learn their techniques and innovative styles is to practice by copying them. Through imitation you learn. It is the same as going to an art class and learning from a professor. I had an art professor you was a student to one of the Group of Seven Artists from here in Canada. I learn the group of seven techniques through him.

Don't feel you have to justify your learning journey but it is good that you explain the process for your followers because there are always those who have not heard of the process you are employing.

Good luck with your sketching. I look forward to seeing more of them.