Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Back!

So I'm back up in Sudbury now. I've been really busy packing up orders made while I was away and unpacking and reorganizing my life :)

I'll have pictures to send you once my new apartment is all set up, it's a little bit of a mess now with all the boxes and such. But I really like, and I have a studio now! So that's a little exciting! And I'm excited to be reunited with my paint brushes after such a long, long break. I also have a friend who lives on my floor, so that's exciting too! (She has a couple snakes and one's bright orange, and she has the cutest little pooch = she's as cool as you can get!)

Our Internet is a little finicky at the apartment right now - there's always something that does work hehe - so I won't be able to post about my holidays just yet, I'm using it just as I need it; but I have pictures, and they are coming! And, I can go on the Internet at my college - so I'm still connected to the world!

I'm off to check up on my fav blogs, so until later, ciao!

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kim* said...

cant wait to see more :)