Sunday, January 18, 2009

Impulse buying at it's best!

I didn't mean to buy these. They were definitely an impulse purchase. There I was...just walking in the mall, and just happened to pass by this expensive linens store...with a huge "$20 Only!" sign over linens: for queen-size duvet cover and pillow cases! I couldn't not look now, could I?...and they're practical, right?

Here's Oreo, relishing in new linens to cover with his fluff. I just adore this design...I was using it for my website before too. I'm a sucker for those swirly, flower, 'Victorian' designs.

Also, I don't really have a queen-sized bed; so there is no need for jealously hehe. I got the duvet from Santa two years ago, and I asked for a Queen size, you know - if ever I got one. But mostly, I just like having lots of blankets to roll around in.

Now, since I'm in a new bedroom anyways (from moving a couple weeks ago)...I get to completely redesign it. I have a few ides. I'm going to look on Etsy, and put together a post about items that I think would go well with it.

I can't wait to sleep in these tonight!

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paintedskywoman said...

hello angie, I was wondering if you remember any good places to get prints made up in London, ON. I am trying to find a place but I thought you might have some good ideas where to look.

Thanks Renee...aka..paintedskywoman