Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sale Time! Out with the Old, In with the New!

The new year is the perfect time for new beginnings. After moving again after coming to Sudbury four months ago (I'm still in the same city, just a different apartment building), I realized how much still I was trucking around with me. I had to change my printer services when I moved to Sudbury, but I was still carrying around items from the last printer.

I want to completely flush them out, so I decided to have a super Winter Sale (also known as my, Out with the old, In with the new sale)! Also included are winter items that are still left in stock (from my newer printers).

These sale prices will only remain as items are in stock, please see my shop to see what is available. I might be adding more items this weekend as I progress through my unpacking.

Once they gone, they're gone!

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jodie nicholson said...

Yep, I'm doing the same thing. Clean house, make way for new work. It's a good feeling beng able to work on new pieces...and also to wave goodbye to older ones.